Aerospace and Defense

Since 1982, Accu-Tool has provided quality parts for the aerospace and defense industries. We understand the importance of meeting customer requirements whether it be holding critical dimensions on tight tolerance parts, providing material certifications or packaging parts in VCI bags to inhibit corrosion.  No detail is too small.  We also welcome customers to talk to us about any concerns they have on design and machinability of parts. We frequently have visits from customers regarding design issues as well as prototype vs. production viability of parts. As a custom manufacturer of precision parts and assemblies, we are focused on providing our customers with the highest level of service and partnering with them to develop competitive solutions.


Accu-Tool has over 30 years of experience machining parts for the semiconductor industry. From the machining of high tech engineered plastics to exotic metals such as molybdenum, tungsten and TZM, we are your source.


For over 30 years, Accu-Tool has manufactured parts for the robotics industry. We consistently provide quick turn-around, cost-effective, high precision, and cosmetically attractive parts for these applications.


Electronics companies source Accu-Tool for precision machined parts because of our dedicated staff and complete in house capabilities. We are highly skilled in CNC machining, CNC turning and related precision machining processes. We utilize an impressive variety of state of the art machines in our job shop to fabricate most projects completely in house. All machining is verified by our in house quality staff.

We have a vast array of outside sources for any finishing need allowing us to send our customers finished parts with minimal effort.

Research and Development

We have significant experience working with both R&D firms and universities to develop new parts and devices. With our experience in prototypes and low volume production, we can help bridge the gap between concept and cost effective manufacturing.  Whether it be a hand sketch or a CAD model, we can help take your idea to market.

Our Goal

Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, delivery, and service.  We routinely partner with customers on design issues related to manufacturing in order to help them meet their objectives.  We are ITAR compliant, operate out of a 24,000 square foot secure facility, and have capacity to grow with our customers.